PES 2017 PS4 BOE Patch + Fix 1 by Chris Davies[]

دانلود پچ بروزرسانی و جدید PES 2017 PS4 BOE Patch[مخصوص کنسول پلی استیشن ۴]

PES 2017 PS4 BOE Patch + Fix 1 by Chris Davies

جدید ترین پچ بروز رسانی فصل ۲۰۱۶/۲۰۱۷ بازی PES2017 را که امروز منتشر شده میتوانید دانلود کنید

ویژگی ها:

No fake teams or players remaining
No duplicated players that I can find
Real logos for all unlicensed teams
Real competition logos for all competitions
Includes the Bundesliga, MLS and J-League (replacing the fake European, American and Asian leagues respectively) as well as all current Champions League teams and all the best Latin American teams.
Real kits for all teams (including PESWorld’s super-detailed kits for the top European leagues) – I’ve even spent (far too many painful) hours making sure the player name / squad number / shorts number settings are right across the board (i.e. can be seen against the colour of the shirt and don’t obscure the manufacturer logo on the shorts).
All stadium images for the Premier League*, Bundesliga*, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A – along with all Champions League teams, from the Netherlands, Portugal and Other Europe.
Correct stadium names for most teams** along with customisation (different seat colours etc.) where appropriate.
All manager images for the Premier League and Championship, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Other Europe (including all Champions League teams), Other Americas and Other Asia.
Correct manager names for all teams, including new manager updates***.
Custom banner text for most European teams, along with correct rivalry data for more entertaining derby days!
Tactical and lineup updates for most major European leagues and teams courtesy of a great little Operation Sports thread (but not “fluid formation” ones, as I felt the AI benefits more from having a selection of three standard formations).
*Excluding Anfield and Dortmund as their actual stadiums arrive soon.

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